Bury the Dead

March 31, 2019
This week we continue on to week 4 of our church-wide study, "Not A Fan"! We will be discussing the fourth Chapter, Bury the 'Dead', and the difference between Jesus as “Savior” and Jesus as “Lord” of our lives. In addition, our scripture will focus on the calling of Elisha (I Kings 19:19-21). Elisha’s response to God’s calling could be viewed as a strange response, but as we dive deeper into this passage, we will see a beautiful picture of total trust and total commitment to God. We know you will be encouraged, and challenged, by your time in worship—see you Sunday!

What Must I Do?

March 24, 2019
Many people who came to see Jesus walked away blessed. People were healed of lifelong diseases, people were forgiven of their sins, and people had demons delivered from their lives. It is no surprise that people were blessed to be in the presence of God’s own Son! However, in Luke 18, we read about a man commonly called, “the rich young ruler,” who came to Jesus with a question, but walked away not feeling blessed but sad. Why? Because the prescription Jesus had for the young man’s life was not what the young ruler wanted to hear, and so instead of following Jesus, he walked away. On Sunday, March 24, as part of the Not a Fan sermon and all-church study series, we will find out why he walked away, and why each of us needs to walk toward Jesus and heed his words for our lives.