Pastor’s Corner

Thanks to all who have submitted questions for our “What’s the Scoop?” Ice Cream Social next Sunday, March 25. We look forward to welcoming you at 6:00 pm for ice cream, then at 6:30 pm we will gather for a time of information sharing and question and answer. In case you still want to submit a question, the wrapped box remains in Oberholtzer Hall where you can drop in a yellow card, and you can also submit questions via text anytime to this number: 570-580-4343.

Our Director of Spiritual Life and Congregational Care, Bethany Mills, will soon be going on maternity leave, and I know we will all be praying for her and Aric as Bethany prepares to give birth to her first child. Bethany will be gone from among us for a number of weeks, and the plan is that she will return part-time at first and then full-time a bit later. We don’t know the exact timing of all of this, but we will keep the congregation informed.

Because of her absence, our existing caregivers schedule is being adjusted. We have a wonderful team of people who visit in the hospitals each week and others who take Holy Communion and provide general visitation for the homebound. Since you may not know who our hospital visitors are, I will celebrate with you their commitment and devotion to this task by naming them. Besides Bethany and me providing visitation, we have Bob Rosenberger, Bob Cool, Kathy Hinkey, Ana Price, and Sonia Lopez each taking their turn during the week. I want to thank each of these pastoral visitors who take time out of their week to bring meaningful spiritual presence to individuals who are perhaps experiencing anxiety and pain during a stay in the hospital. We are fortunate that Lehigh Valley – Pocono Hospital in East Stroudsburg provides a list to clergy of all patients by denomination, and gives access to several of our visitors to quickly scan the list to see who is there from our congregation. St. Luke’s in Bartonsville does not afford us this same privilege, so it is important to inform the church office if you or a loved one are admitted to St. Luke’s because we will not know otherwise if one of our members is there.

Once again, our volunteers show us daily that we would not be the strong, active church we are without many willing church members and friends working together for the Kingdom of God. Thanks to all of those who help us be the people God wants       us to be!

Blessings, Pastor Jim