Sharing Christ’s Love with Haiti

Would you be willing to spend two hours of your time to feed 150 hungry people? That and $37.50 is all it would take.

You will pack 150 nutritious meals in less than 2 hours when you join the Meal Pack for Haiti on November 8 & 9. These nutritious meals cost only 25 cents each and will be sent to hungry families in Haiti. Packing is easy! There is a job for everyone age 7 and older, even if you can’t stand up. A meal pack is a team effort with participants scooping dry food ingredients into bags which are then sealed. In less than two hours each person packs 150 meals. You pay 25 cents for each meal that you pack, for a total contribution of $37.50. Forms are available if you want to ask folks to sponsor you. Registration is now open so please sign up as soon as possible for the time slot that works best for you.

For about 5 years now, East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church (ESUMC) has been searching for a unique mission opportunity that works in society’s busy culture and includes a diverse body of volunteers. Through Lifeline Christian Mission, ESUMC has discovered an opportunity where children (ages 7+), youth, college and career-age adults, parents, grandparents, and the elderly can work together on a common goal to benefit a hungry nation. This November, ESUMC eagerly looks forward to collaborating with local Churches, organizations and businesses in our community to pack and send approximately 50,000 meals to the country of Haiti. The value of this mission project is estimated at $12,750 and will require approximately 340 individuals to pay for and pack 150 meals a person. At face value, that goal may sound ambitious for a small church to embark on, but for just $37.50 and less than two hours of your time, Lifeline Christian Mission can make 150 meals per packer a reality! Now, if you’re already calculating the cost for your entire family to participate, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

We understand that participation may not be financially feasible for everyone – but don’t let that sway your decision to get involved! To help deter costs and encourage participation for families, we’re asking our Church and community to help us reach a $3,000 scholarship goal, and you can contribute to this goal via check, cash, change or electronic giving in the following methods. If you can’t attend you can still help by making a donation!

For checks, please be sure to designate your gift by writing on the Memo line: “Meal Pack for Haiti.” If you’re giving via cash, please also indicate “Meal Pack for Haiti” on the giving envelopes, located in the sanctuary pews. If you’re only able to participate by collecting quarters, please don’t play down this important meal-by-meal contribution!!! As each meal is approximately $0.25, collecting quarters is wonderful opportunity to engage and inspire children towards missions work! Furthermore, we highly encourage parents to set a “contribution goal” to work towards with their children, or, consider empowering them to fund-raise the full $37.50 and participate in packing the meals themselves! Finally, if you prefer to give electronically, please feel free to give via our GoFundMe page or you can always give via the giving tab on

Want to register to attend and give towards scholarships? No problem. At checkout, look for the “Donations” field and add additional gifts there.

Select your time and date and register below:

Friday, November 9th, 2019:
4:30pm and 6:30pm

Saturday, November 10th, 2019:
8:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm

East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church
83 South Courtland Street
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301