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Foundations 2013-14

Foundations Christian Preschool is a ministry to the church and community for children and families.


To provide each child with a positive school experience while promoting their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development within a fun-filled, loving Christian environment.  The early years in a preschooler’s life are the building blocks to establishing a lifelong learner and to establishing a firm educational foundation.


At Foundations Christian Preschool we play, learn and grow together.
Preschoolers learn best through play.  “Play” is a child’s work.  Young children learn by doing rather than observing.  Social skills are just as vital as the students’ academic skills.  Foundations Christian Preschool implements a play-based, social-based, child-centered program.  Meaningful play encourages curiosity, discovery, and problem solving skills that are important to the learning process and to the ultimate goal of becoming a lifelong learner.

At Foundations Christian Preschool you will find:

A nurturing and caring Christian environment that welcomes all children
Creative, age appropriate educational experiences that will stimulate lifelong learning
A setting that fosters social interaction and respect for others
An opportunity for each child to develop independence and a positive self concept

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Please give us a call for more information or with any questions you may have regarding our programs at Foundations Christian Preschool.

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