ESUMC’S Mission support through FAITH PROMISE for 2016 will be about the same as last year. The team met and approved most of the same Partners. However, another meeting is needed for the final plans for Partners and total 2016 Budget. The meeting will be in March. If there are any questions or suggestions for 2016 Partners, prayer concerns or for the Budget, you may contact any of the team members:

Pat Braun – (570) 424-5481                     Nagwa Cramer – 570-460-1591

Bruce Johnson – 570-424-1285               Margie Keenhold – (570) 424-2142

Linda Kissel – (570) 421-8656                 Gloria Ladlee – (570) 595-2582

Tim Malefyt – Cell 267-808-0540           Wayne Mertz – 570-629-4069

Joyce Moeller – (570) 269-1232               Ray Moeller – (570) 369-3131                 Karen Todd – 215-206-5158

All of our Partners depend on voluntary financial support and our prayers. We are blessed by our Partners in various places. They are all guided by a desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they work to give support and hope in extremely difficult circumstances.  Today your gift may be placed in the envelope in the Bulletin. You may also give anytime with a note attached that it is for FAITH PROMISE.

 In Gratitude may we give to others as we have received

so abundantly from God, our Redeemer and Creator



There are several Highlights from FAITH PROMISE for May. On May 3rd, PASTOR VALERI PATKEVITCH from Volgograd, Russia, visited ESUMC with his colleague, Vladimir, who serves another UMC congregation in Volgograd. They have an extremely difficult challenge to share their witness to the Christian message of Jesus Christ. The Official religion is the Orthodox Church and there is no support for other churches. We are called to pray for their strength and faithfulness in bringing God’s Word to all the people.

May 7 to 21 had a MISSION TEAM in Phila. The plan was to work at the renovation project at a recently purchased building of the PHILADELPHIA PROJECT. God had another project in mind. Instead the Team helped repair needed projects at 3 homes for 3 days and 2 days they did work at the building. Philadelphia Project provides ongoing home repair with a 2 year contract for repairs and for a connection with the homeowners. It is surely a loving Christian Outreach to the area for homes and families.

During the week of the 14th, FAMILY PROMISE was here. A Note from Family Promise of Monroe Co was received: “The generosity and hospitality of all Volunteers, whether providing delicious meals, overnight supervision, or compassionate care, is greatly appreciated by the families and the staff of Family Promise. Thank you all!” This was the 2nd time this year ESUMC served as host.

The Kulps sent an Update of their work in Cambodia with 100 FOLD STUDIO. Their goal is to assist in finishing the construction of the Training Center, a 1000 person classroom building by July. 100 Fold is hosting the Summer Studio Program in Cambodia and they are planning for it which is being held there for the 1st time. There is also a video posted about the Center. For the video go to

This is the season to pray for the ministry of POCONO PLATEAU when children and youth have the opportunity to learn and share God’s power of creation and Spirit in the world of Nature. Remember that scholarship aid is available from ESUMC, but apply by May 31. Contact Church Office for info.

The 2017 FAITH PROMISE Goal of $34,000 reached its Quarterly goal of $8500 with the Congregation’s faithful giving. This was sent to the 13 Partners who continue to share God’s love in many compassionate ways. Let’s continue praying for these Partners and support them with our gifts today or anytime with a designation for MISSIONS or FAITH PROMISE.

Rev. Linda Kissel