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Disciples Class

Leaders: Bob Rosenberger

Who: Adult Men & Women

Where: Room 8, New Basement

What: In this mixed adult class, interaction is encouraged! Here, the teachers learn and the students teach in a casual, conversational environment. Throughout the year, this group will study and discuss specific books of the Bible, topics in Christian living, and current events. Join this group for prayer and study as well as laughter and good conversation.


Stine Class

Leader: Erma Powell & others.

Who: Adult Women

Where: Classroom B, Oberholtzer Hall

What: This class is not only a faithful Bible study group, but is also very mission-minded! The members of this class actively work to meet the needs of our community by serving in children and family ministries. In this class, you can grow in faith and in service!

If you would like more information on Adult Sunday School opportunities at ESUMC, please contact the church office.